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How to save money on your printing costs

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As a crafter, small business and Mum of a home-schooled son I am always printing things off. My printing varies from knitting patterns, my accounts and worksheets for my son. Everyone that has a printer in their home knows of the high price for replacing cartridges.  The cost of ink can sometimes overtake the original cost of your printer.  Here are some tips for saving money while printing.




1.       Changing your font.  Yes, it does sound strange but changing your font can save you money on your ink.  Switching from one font to another could potentially save you up to 30% in ink.

2.       If you have a printer which is a colour printer did you know that when you use the black you do use the other colour cartridges as well.  If you only print in black, then maybe a mono printer would be better for you.  Some printers have the mono option so look out for that too.

3.       Based on a study by Which? It showed that it would cost you 600% more by printing 50 pages over an 8-week period than all at once.  So, save your print jobs and print them out all in one sitting to save you money.

4.       Do not always buy the cheapest printer when buying a new one.  Always make sure you look for the print cartridges before you buy the printer.  That way you will get a good deal and save money in the long run.

5.       Check you have the correct paper size for whatever you are printing.  If costs the same amount to print on A3 as it does for A4.  So, if you have a two pages of a PDF file to print, you could print two pages on one sheet of paper.



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