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Hand to mouth by Jodine O'Donoghue Boothby, book review

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I first heard of Jodine from Gummee Glove through Theo Papthitis #SBS competition on twitter, which we had both won. 

I bought her book about how she started her business and her journey. I finished this book in a day! Not very often I do that with any book. 
This is not your average business book! It is written in a way I could resonate with and very funny in parts. It gives you an insight into the journey that is of the small business world. It grips you from the first page of the book and you will not want to put it down!
Jodine designed the product Gummee Glove.  This is a product that helps teething babies and is a must have for any parent.  This book shows all the ups and downs of the process involved.  It is an inspirational read for anyone. 
Taken from the back of the book 
"School and college dropout, job hopping, depressed and bankrupt factory worker to loving Mama and business obsessed, international brand owning inventor and successful entrepeneur.
An unpolished, raw and honest story about the emotional, exhilarating highs and gut-kicking, devestating lows of inventing and launching the famous Gummee glove teething mitten for babies, and business in general.
From wishing that copycat companies would birth barded wire clad porcupines to visiting number 10 for tea and nibbles or partying with the founding members of Guns n Roses by accident, this book will leave you feeling nothing short of inspired!'
I highly urge you to go and get your own copy and have a read, you will not be disappointed.
If you want to buy the book click here
If you want to buy one of the fabulous gummee gloves click here