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Wedding Car Hire and Photo Swap

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As with all weddings there is a lot to think about and organise.  One of these things are the wedding car.  Vintage wedding cars make a popular choice with couples all over, especially with those people who are having a traditional or classic themed wedding.  Vintage wedding car hire can be a little more complicated than hiring a modern car, but here are a few points to help you choose.  You can even use these kind of vehicles for your prom car hire ideas.

If you want to hire a vintage wedding car find one that has a special meaning to you both.  This could be sentimental it could be a similar one that your parents used for their wedding or a model that was built the year you were born.  It could be a car that your father or grandfather used to drive. 

Most wedding car supplies have a policy that if yours breaks down on the day or if it is unavailable for any reason they will replace it for you.  If you are hiring a vintage wedding car it is more likely that you will need the replacement service than with a more modern wedding car.  So, have a look at the supplier’s replacement and make sure you are happy with whatever replacement would be offered on the day if the inevitable happens.

Check parking arrangements with your venue to make sure there is somewhere suitable for the wedding car to wait.  Vintage cars are often larger than modern cars and can be harder therefore to manoeuvre so check there will be enough space to park.

When you arrange a time for the chauffeur to pick you up you should allow lots of time to take some initial photographs and allow enough time to get to the ceremony too.  You may also want a few minutes practising getting in and out of the car in your bridal gown as a vintage car can be a different shape and size to modern cars and you will want to make an elegant exit.

Vintage cars are a beautiful backdrop to any wedding photographs.  So, make full use of it on your wedding day.  Have it parked against a backdrop and have your group photos taken beside it.  At least make sure you have a number of couple shots taken with it and that your groom has at least one photo taken of him behind the wheel. Vintage car shots can look amazing in black and white so discuss all these possibilities with your wedding photographer before the big day.


Wedding Photo Swap is a simple yet elegant solution to collecting all the photos taken at your wedding.  You can also get a live feed from your guest’s photos of your day giving you some beautiful memories to keep forever.  You can even do away with the need for a professional photographer if you chose to and keep it more personal.

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