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We all love to improve our homes.  There are many ways to improve the look and feel of you home.  Everybody wants to feel comfortable in their home and proud of what they have achieved.  You can achieve your dream home bit by bit if finances are tight.

The bathroom can be easily renovated by a lick of paint and a few new accessories.  Of course, if you want to replace the whole bathroom then this is a much bigger job but can also be done on a budget if needed.


A lot of families spend more time in the kitchen than any other room in the home.  Whether that would be for cooking, dining, partying or socialising.  The kitchen has many functions.   Since we spend a lot of our time here it is important that we feel comfortable in this room.  The look and function of it can make all the difference.  If you are a regular cook you may want all the mod cons installed.

Just as feeling comfortable inside your home is important it is just as important to feel proud of how your home looks from the outside.  If the exterior of your home is looking a little dilapidated, then there are a number of ways to spruce it up and give it a more luxurious look.

UPVC is a modern material used to give buildings a contemporary look and create strong windows and doors. If you haven’t switched to uPVC yet you should definitely replace your windows with UPVC if  you want to modernise your home. Discounted windows can be found in various places to improve your home.



Some cheap ways to spruce up your home are as follows

Sew yourself some cushions to match your décor.  Material can be bought cheaply from various places including charity shops.

Upcycle furniture to breath a new lease of life into them.  Shabby chic means updating your old furniture and it will make them look new again.

Paint a mural in your children’s bedroom or any room you choose.  This will change the whole look of the room by doing this and children love it.

Make a new headboard for your bed.  This could be from old books if you are an avid reader or even from pallets, there are lots of tutorials online of how to do this.

Paint your kitchen cupboards.  This will change the look of your whole kitchen.  Easily done as long as you prepare the cupboards before you start painting.

Make an herb garden for your kitchen.  This is practical and looks great in your kitchen too.

Use apple crates for shelves.  Just paint them whatever colour you wish and stack them up.  These are a great alternative to an otherwise boring bookcase.

Paint a wall or an area with chalk paint.  This is great if you have children as they can draw on this area and then it can be just wiped away.

Plants are a great way to add character and updates a space instantly.

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